AGRECOL Meetings

We meet…

… twice a year for theme-focused weekends, that are organised by a member in a way that combines both work and family needs and includes exchange through an informal market. Some topics of past meetings have been:

  • Structural Change in Agriculture
  • Eco-Viniculture
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Seed in locally adapted agriculture
  • Locally adapted forestry
  • Sustainability, carrying capacity, agro-ecology
  • Research with farmers (participatory technology development – PTD)
  • Marketing of ecological products
  • Rapid Rural Appraisal (in the mountains of Austria, much copied since)
  • Training methods for locally adapted land use
  • Genetic engineering and rural development
  • Organic agriculture and rural development
  • Ecological urban development
  • Multi-functional land-use
  • Organic bee-keeping
  • Mobile animal husbandry/pastoralism
  • Water and sustainable land use

Some of the meetings have more of training character. As much as possible, we produce a documentation on the theme-focused weekends. You can find an overview of the meeting and the available documentations here. If our means allow it, we invite external resource persons and publish selected publications of members.

You can find informations about the next meeting here.

If you are interested to join one of the next meetings, you can contact the organisers