Internship programme

Overseas internship in ecologically oriented agriculture

Since 2007, the Agrecol Association for AgriCulture & Ecology (Agrecol e.V.) has been offering placements and travel grants for a 6- to 12-month internship with an overseas partner organisation of Agrecol e.V.

Applications are open ONLY to students enrolled at universities or colleges of applied sciences in german-speaking countries.

This initiative, supported by Agrecol e.V., offers the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge in sustainable agriculture and land management in a developing country. By living and working in a different sociocultural environment, students can also gain valuable intercultural experiences. Cooperation with the partner organisations (nongovernmental organisations/NGOs) and the local farmer organisations supported by them provides the trainees with intensive insights into everyday life and the working conditions of the rural people in the project areas.

Announcements for interships:

Announcement for internship in Senegal

Announcement for internship in Bolivia