About Agrecol


Association for AgriCulture and Ecology

We are a working group…

… that promotes locally adapted, ecologically sound land use in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Our group exists since 1982 and is registered as a non-profit association since 1988. Many of us are engaged professionally in development cooperation, for example:

  • in non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • in church or governmental development services
  • in consulting companies
  • at universities or
  • as independent advisors.

We meet…

… twice a year for theme-focused weekends that are organised by members in a way that combines both work and family interests and includes exchange through an informal market. Some topics of past meetings have been:

  • Seed in locally adapted agriculture
  • Locally adapted forestry
  • Sustainability, carrying capacity, agro-ecology
  • Research with farmers (participatory technology development – PTD)
  • Marketing of ecological products
  • Rapid Rural Appraisal (in the mountains of Austria, much copied since)
  • Training methods for locally adapted land use
  • Genetic engineering and rural development
  • Organic agriculture and rural development
  • Ecological urban development
  • Multifunctional land-use
  • Organic beekeeping
  • Mobile animal husbandry / pastoralism
  • Water and sustainable land use.

Some of the meetings have more of training character. As much as possible, we produce documentation on the theme-focused weekends. You can find an overview of the meetings and the available documentation here. When we can afford it, we invite external resource persons and publish selected publications of members.

You can find informations about the next meeting here. If you are interested in joining one of the next meetings, you can contact the organisers.

We see our task in…

  • furthering the exchange of ideas and experiences among our members

  • promoting the exchange of information between our members and other organisations

  • documenting this information and experiences and making them available to members and organisations

  • stimulating public discussion on important topics and making current issues public

  • developing new insights in all areas related to site-appropriate land use.

We have partner organisations…

  • The information centres Agrecol-Afrique in Senegal and Agrecol-Andes in Bolivia. Their main work iinvolves spreading information and know-how about sustainable land use in their regions.

We collaborate with…

… organisations with similar goals with which we can foster exchange about research and development efforts for ecolgocialy oriented agriculture, including livestock husbandry, e.g.:

  • German NGO Forum für Environment and Development (FUE)
  • European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development (EFARD) under the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)
  • International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
  • Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP) www.celep.info

We inform and support lobbying…

… on all levels, from the grassroots to national and international policymakers through events such as workshops and conferences and through publications. You can find a list of publications here.

We are open…

… for new members who are open for our way of working. Almost every member has brought new people to one of our meetings. Through active involvement, they came to know us, our work and the atmosphere during our meetings. Many of them became members of Agrecol after the second meeting they attended.

Interested? Please contact us: 


Agrecol e.V.
Hauptstraße 15
88379 Guggenhausen, Germany

info (at) agrecol.de

T: +49 7503 791

Agrecol is a non-profit organisation; donations are tax-deductable.
Bank account for donations:
Sparkasse Göttingen, IBAN DE45 2605 0001 0000 1070 37, BIC NOLADE21GOE1