Internship 2023 in Bolivia


Internship with AGRECOL Andes

Agrecol e.V. can arrange one internship in Bolivia in 2023 and will provide support in the following areas:

  • AAgrecol e.V. will cover the cost of the outward and return flights (economy class) between Europe and Bolivia.
  • At least one member of the association as well as former interns are available to prepare and answer questions before and during the overseas stay.
  • After completing the internship, an invitation will be made and the costs for travel and accommodation will be covered for an Agrecol e.V. meeting (in Germany or a neighbouring country), where the interns will present their experiences abroad.

Agrecol e.V. is not in a position to cover any additional costs associated with the internship (e.g. visa, vaccinations, health insurance) beyond those listed above.

For the year 2023, the partner organisation AGRECOL Andes in Bolivia is prepared to accept and supervise one trainee. It is expected that the student selected for the travel scholarship will agree on the further modalities for the internship with the host organisation.

For Agrecol e.V. (Germany), the intern will report regularly on his/her activities with posts on the Agrecol e.V. internship blog. In addition, a final report will be prepared and presented at an Agrecol meeting (preferably together with a photo presentation).

Information about the internship at AGRECOL Andes in Bolivia

The Agrecol–Andes Foundation is an NGO providing knowledge management services in the field of agroecology and rural development in Bolivia. Through training, capitalisation of experiences, promotion of participatory methods, dissemination of information and advisory services, Agrecol–Andes aims to accompany change processes in order to contribute to the improvement of living conditions in rural Andean societies.

Agrecol–Andes has its headquarters in Cochabamba and a branch office in Santa Cruz. The organisation employs about 20 people (professionals and support staff).

Agrecol–Andes aims to promote local agriculture and rural development in the Andean region of Bolivia. To this end, adapted cultivation techniques and marketing strategies are tested and disseminated. The advisory work focuses on the sustainable use of natural resources and the socially acceptable anchoring of these forms of production in rural communities.

For the year 2023, Agrecol–Andes has the interest and need to have an intern in the communication sector. This includes the systematization and design of knowledge and data from the projects, as well as networking. Previous knowledge is especially desirable in the area of networking.

The tasks and location of the trainee will be specified by Agrecol–Andes according to the requirements of the respective project. The exact preparation for the internship will be agreed with Agrecol–Andes.

For example, interns with AGRECOL Andes in Bolivia can gain experience in the areas of work and life listed below:

          • Cooperation with an international NGO and with Bolivian farmer organisations
          • Collaboration in implementing development projects.
          • Knowledge of participatory advisory approaches that include technical, organisational and strategic aspects.
          • Insights into Bolivian culture, cultural and intercultural impressions in work and private life.
          • Creativity, initiative and improvisation.

        More information about AGRECOL Andes can be found on the internet:

        Required profile for the internship:

        The internship holder should:

                          • be studying at a university or college of applied sciences in a German-speaking country (non-German students can also apply);
                          • have basic knowledge and/or experience in the management of organised groups (farm production, processing and marketing);
                          • bring along a notebook (PC) which can be used at work;
                          • have basic knowledge of (organic) agriculture;
                          • show interest and empathy for working with small-scale farmers in different sociocultural contexts;
                          • be a dynamic, open and committed personality;
                          • have good Spanish language skills for communication at the working level (an interview with Agrecol–Andes will be conducted via Skype as part of the selection process);
                          • be not older than 30 years.

        Period of the internship:

        The internship should start, after consultation with the host organisation, in the second half of 2023 and should last at least six months, but can be extended up to 12 months after agreement.

        Reservation due to Corona Pandemic:

        Because of the current global unpredictable situation regarding the Corona pandemic, this internship position is advertised with reservation. Agrecol e.V. regularly evaluates the situation in close consultation with AGRECOL Andes to ensure that the requirements for the internship are met, especially with regard to the pandemic and travel restrictions in Bolivia. If the prerequisites for safety of the intern are not met at the time when the internship is planned to start, Agrecol e.V. can – in consultation with AGRECOL Andes – decide even at short notice to postpone or cancel the internship.

        General application information:

        The application, consisting of a convincing letter of motivation in German and Spanish, concrete details about the desired period of internship and a curriculum vitae in German and Spanish should be sent by e-mail as one pdf file to: (Markus Frank).

        The deadline for applications is 15.02.2023.

        Applicants will be notified at latest by mid-March 2023.